Only 9 spots available to this year’s sponsors!

Would you like to have 200-300 attendees visit your table or booth?

Participating in the TABS Sponsor Sweep can make it a reality! Nine spots will be offered on the Sponsor Sweep play card to companies that elect that as their benefit as part of an All-Star or Varsity sponsorship. 

Each company’s logo will be prominently displayed on the card, and each participating attendee must visit each company to successfully complete their card and be eligible for the drawing. 

These nine lucky companies will have a predictable idea of the number of attendees they can expect at their table or booth over the two days in the exhibit hall. On average, we have between 200 and 300 participants. 

The Sponsor Sweep occurs during Friday’s reception, a cornerstone event of the Conference.

To participate in the Sponsor Sweep, contact Daniel

Daniel Gentle

Associate Vice President for Sponsor Relations & Development