$7,000 • 16 Available


Two Conference Registrations
Send two of your best to DC!

Premium Location 6-Foot Table in Exhibit Hall
We’ve redesigned the experience to maximize the value for you and for schools shopping your product or service. Music will fill the hall, so start thinking about your playlist requests! Listing
Just following the All-Star Team, we’ll load up your logo, company name, a supplied 400-character description, link directly to your website and primary contact. Through June 2021.

Conference Mobile App Listing
Your full-color logo, company name, description and link to your website. This listing also table location, and a primary contact.

Conference Preview/Program Full Page Ad
Your company will have space for a full-page, full-color ad in TABS Conference Preview/Program.

Attendee Snail Mail List
We’ll provide you with a list of all attendees (first at the end of Early Bird Registration, and second just prior to the conference), which you can use to set meetings, say hello, and make sure you don’t miss anyone at the show. Sorry, no email addresses will be provided.

Fulfillment Report
In the weeks following the Conference, we’ll send you a report confirming that we provided all the benefits promised. You deserve that sort of service.

Sponsor a Session Track
If there is a specific audience you’re trying to reach, sponsor that track and get repeat exposure throughout the Conference. Choose from the following list. One sponsor per track, so get your order in early!

  • Academic Administration
  • Admission, Financial Aid & Enrollment Management
  • Development & Advancement
  • Financial Management & Sustainability
  • Heads & Senior Management
  • Health & Wellness
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Diversity/Multiculturalism
  • Residential & Student Life
  • Multidisciplinary (Athletics, Environmental, College Placement, Character & Leadership)

Complimentary Postings in TABS Career Center
Through June 2021


Choose from the available options below. First come, first serve.

Option 1: Conference Preview Cover
High exposure with your company logo on the front cover.

Option 2: Pocket Program
Your not-to-miss ad will hit the back cover of the (roughly) 4×6 pocket program. Attendees reference this guide throughout the Conference!

Option 3: Rotating Banner Ads on TABS Conference Website (2 Available)
Your rotating banner ad will be front and center on TABS Conference website.

Option 4: Rotating Banner Ads on Conference Mobile App (2 Available)
Prime time advertising space via rotating banner viewed by all attendees. We’re on our devices all day long. ’nuff said.

Option 5: Sponsor a Photo Booth in the Exhibit Hall

Option 6: Brand the Conference Lounge

Option 7: Brand the Hotel Key Card
Add your brand, log and web address to the room keys and attendees will see your message throughout the day and it will be one of the last things the see in the evening. This offer expires November 1 so don’t delay if this sounds up your alley.

Option 8: Conference Name Badges
Your logo will be front and center hanging around the neck of attendees. They can’t not see it!

Option 9: Run a Friday Speed Session (2 Available)
Seize the opportunity to relay your message to attendees throughout (4) 15-minute roundtable discussions about your product or service. These sessions are always a conference favorite.

Option 10: Have TABS Display Your Company’s Materials at Registration
Hit them up as soon as they arrive and every single attendee will hear your message. Make it a branded bag, with your company brochure and swag included. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas if you’re stuck on coming up with the right thing.

Option 11: Branding at Head’s Dinner Cocktail Reception
If you’re wanting to reach heads of school, host this cocktail hour just prior to the annual head’s dinner. We’ll post a sign recognizing your generosity and you’re welcome to supply the cocktail napkins or any other barware you’d like. Two representatives from your company are invited!

Option 12: Grab & Go Lunch
As the Conference concludes on Saturday, attendees will grab a tasty lunch sponsored by your company. You can provide branded napkins or other items, and be there to bid them farewell.